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Dr. Simpson
Chicago, IL

"We Have Generated over $400k in Revenue This Year Alone."

I have done a lot of marketing over the years including TV, Radio, and direct mail. I would say Conversion Whale is by far the most success I have ever had with marketing dollars I have spent.

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Dr. Poczatek
Elk Grove, IL

"We Have Easily Increased Our Production by $40k a Month."

Prior to Conversion Whale, we had a website that was not attractive to people and did not get a lot of response. Since using Conversion Whale we have seen a definite improvement in new patients. They are great to work with and respond immediately to our needs.

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Dr. Little
Bayonne, NJ

"We’re Consistently Getting 200+ New Phone Calls Each Month."

We looked at a lot of companies that do marketing for dental offices and chose Conversion Whale. We started this practice 2 years ago. It has been very easy to work with Conversion Whale, especially because we have a dedicated rep and every month we can work through the details of campaign performance.

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Dr. Dunham
Chester, VA

"Conversion Whale Has Helped Our New Patient Flow a Ton!"

Prior to using Conversion Whale we did not have a strong presence on the internet. With Conversion Whale we have has a huge flow of internet activity and it has helped our new patient flow a ton. I can look at how my practice is doing on a daily basis, its incredibly simple.

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Dr. Rosen
Wauwatosa, WI

"Conversion Whale Took Us to a New Level, Our New Patients Have Increased Significantly!"

I work with my father, he had an old website. We turned to Conversion Whale to update our website, help us get patients and improve our business. I will have a relationship with them for many years to come.

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Dr. Goel
Lowell, MA

"When New Patients Book Through Conversion Whale They Show Up!"

Before we started using Conversion Whale, our office was very slow. We are now getting new patients and they are very reliable. When new patients booth through Conversion Whale they Show up.

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Dr. Clifton
Newnan, GA

"We Doubled Our New Patient Numbers in One Month."

I went with Conversion Whale because I wanted to increase the new patient numbers in my practice. Using Conversion whale we’ve had a whole team helping us to market our practice. We have enjoyed the experience and it has been easy working with the Conversion Whale team.

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Dr. Tornatore
Hicksville, NY

"We’ve Seen a Significant Increase in High-Quality Patients!"

I started using Conversion Whale 2-years ago. Before Conversion Whale, I used a generic digital marketing company and was not seeing a return on investment. Now we are seeing a significant increase in high-quality patients.

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Dr. Lines
Albuquerque, NM

"We Have See a Huge Influx of New Patients with Our Search Engine Optimization!"

Before I started using conversion whale, one of the most frustrating things for me was being unsure what was working. Working with Conversion Whale I can see what my investment is doing and how it is helping my practice in real-time.

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Dr. Lambert
Grand Rapids, MI

"One of the Best Companies I've Worked with in 32 Years."

I was with another company that delivered very poor results. I switched to Conversion Whale and have been happy ever since. Once we started rolling, we are back up to where we should be.

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Dr. Friedmann
Hermitage, TN

"We Doubled Our New Patients Each Month."

The reason I started using Conversion Whale was to get new patients. Several of my colleagues are using Conversion Whale and are having great success, so I decided to give them a try. Since we partnered with Conversion Whale in 2015, we have seen a consistent flow of new patients, and our billings have increased every month.

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Dr. Herr
Gilbert, AZ

"60% More New Patients Monthly, I Will Be with Conversion Whale Until I Retire."

My practice before I started using conversion was struggling; I didn’t feel we were getting enough patient traffic throughout the website. Since we have begun using Conversion Whale, we have seen a substantial increase in traffic flow. As a consequence of that, we see a lot more new patient in the practice.

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Dr. Pedro
Boca Raton, FL

"With All of the Calls We Get Because of Conversion Whale, We Had to Hire Another Staff Member!"

For four years, I have been looking for a company like Conversion Whale. What sets them apart is that they are very easy to reach, they really listen to me, and when I have an issue, they are so kind and accommodating. Best of all, their dashboard is almost like a heartbeat from my marketing.

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Dr. Tarantola
St. Augustine, FL

"We Get a Steady Flow of New
Patients. Best Marketing We Have Done over the past 20 Years."

I have been using Conversion Whale for over a year. They created a beautiful website, are immediately responsive to my questions/suggestions, but most importantly, we get a steady flow of new patients that are specifically seeking what we have to offer. CW has worked better for us than just about any other marketing I have done over the past 20 years.

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Dr. Bulleigh
Pawhuska, OK

"We Get 40+ New Patients Each Month."

We were getting between 15 and 20 new patients per month before Conversion Whale. That number has gone up to around 40, consistently. Last month was our best month, we got 46 new patients. The dashboard feature is really cool. It gives you how many leads you have, and that’s the most important thing. From there, you can see how many of those people actually scheduled appointments.

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Dr. Sajid
Lithia Springs, GA

"Our Practice Has Grown on Average 20-30 New Patients per Month."

Since we started using Conversion Whale our practice has grown on average 20-30 new patients per month. My favorite thing about working with Conversion Whale is their responsiveness. The Dashboard Conversion Whale offers with their marketing program is incredible, there is so much information available. The transparency allows to track how effective your converting leads to appointments.

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Dr. Georgiev
Sunny Isles, FL

"The Conversion Whale Team Is Amazing!"

A friend recommended Conversion Whale because they were doing very well for their dental practices. We now use Conversion Whale and it has been an amazing journey. They answer our calls and emails within minutes.

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Elk Grove, CA

"We Have Used Conversion Whale for Years"

The Conversion Whale team is wonderful, they know what they are doing. They are very prompt in updating our website and tailoring their strategy to changing market demands. They always do their best without any hesitation.

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Dr. Kerr
Cedar Park, TX

"We Had over 50 New Patients Within Two Months."

We had within two months over fifty new patients just from the mail alone. Easy, accessible, cost effective. Couldn't say more good things about Conversion Whale marketing.

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In 2015, Google's mobile search surpassed desktop searches for the first time. Our staff runs targeted mobile click-to-call traffic.

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Since 2015, we collectively generated more than
10.8 million visitors to our customers'
dental websites.

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Our team knows what works in the dental marketing industry. Our data shows which terms result in new patients and which ones don't.

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ROI-Focused Digital Marketing

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Perla C.
Dental Marketing Analyst based in Florida

Do Your Marketers
Know the Difference
between Perio and Ortho?

Dental marketing is a complex process. Periodontal Internet marketing is a completely different strategy than that of a general dentist, which is why Conversion Whale fully trains our marketers about the dental industry. If your marketing company doesn’t know about basic dentistry, how can it reach your customers?

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