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"I Started working with Conversion Whale in 2014. Since then we have seen tremendous growth both in new patients and financially."


Dr. Patel is a great dentist. Most of the dentists who we work with have incredible stories. The issue we find is that their current digital marketing strategy is not telling their story properly. Patients want to know who their doctor is before they make a decision.

Our team worked with Dr. Patel to make her story the leading point in our marketing efforts. As a result, her brand continues to grow in the local community, which drives referral business.

"We have quality patients finding us online."

Across the street from Macy’s ™? Dr. Patel's old website didn't mention that her office is situated across the street from Macy’s ™! Our team saw this as an opportunity and focused our marketing efforts on promoting her proximity to the department store. The results have been awesome; mothers looking for a local dentist know where the department store is located, which makes selecting her office over the competition much easier.

"In our first month we scheduled 30 new patients from Conversion Whale."

Dr. Patel purchased her second practice a little more than a year ago. Constrained with cash flow, she decided to go with another marketing company for her second office that offered her much lower prices. Although we were sad, we supported her decision.

Six months later the cheaper marketing company didn't deliver one new patient to her website! Even worse, they locked her into a twelve-month contract!

Conversion Whale was able to help her get away from the other marketing company, and now she markets two locations with us.

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Conversion Whale Results
  • Increased Google 5-Star reviews
  • Increased lead volume 965 percent in two months
  • Added second office location