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Dental Postcard Marketing

We've Mailed Over 4 Million Dental Postcards

Our Dentists Average a 300% ROI with Direct Mail!

Our processes have been perfected through the successful delivery of millions of postcards. Conversion Whale's Whale Mail specializes in direct mail postcards to promote dental practices. We mailed over four million direct mail postcards, helping hundreds of dentists advertise their products and services. You will get the best rates and the best service, making the cost of direct mail affordable and highly effective!

A/B Split Testing is the Key

In an A/B test, we take a proven mailer design and modify it to create a second version. This change can be as simple as a single headline or coupon, or be a complete redesign. Then, half of your mailing list is sent the original version of the mailer (known as the control) and half are shown the modified version of the mailer (the variation). This helps us determine what will be most successful moving forward.

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