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"Our Start-Up Practice Got 400 New Patients in Three Months!"


Dr. Robinson approached Conversion Whale without a practice. He was looking to hire a dental marketing company to help him launch his new dental practice.

Our team helped launch Dr. Robinson’s practice from zero patients to more than 400 patients in less than three months.

"As I got started with my practice, I realized I couldn’t do it all myself. With Conversion Whale’s 50 lead guarantee, I decided I at least needed to give them a try."

Launching a new practice requires you to do your homework. What zip codes have the best patients? Where is your competition marketing? What is your competitors’ SEO strategy?

Conversion Whale works with all of our new clients to identify the best patient zip codes, marketing language and SEO terms that connect with your community. We set up onboarding calls and team meetings to ensure you spend marketing dollars most effectively.

"They help me marketing my brand and ensure I have a great reputation online."

Dr. Robinson is a great client because he trusted our process. We like to tell clients: “Hire us and get out of the way.” In fact, it’s actually one of our company values, and it’s posted on our office’s wall. We find dentists who trust our process always have the best results.

Conversion Whale is able to help new practices grow fast with our targeted dental marketing campaigns.

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We Guarantee 50 Leads Each Month Or You Get A Month Free!

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Conversion Whale Results
  • Increased new patients from zero to more than 400 patients in less than three months
  • Outranked local competition through SEO
  • Launched grand opening campaign resulting in 187 new calls