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Sixty-Five New Patients Per Month!

The practice knew the challenge with the location. Because it's situated in a high-rise building, the practice doesn't have signage on the street. The practice had a difficult time promoting the office to patients in the downtown Atlanta area.

FREE PARKING – Problem Solved!

The dental office was marketing the wrong message. Instead of spending money promoting its high quality dental service, new patients cared more about the ease of parking when selecting a dental office in the downtown area. Conversion Whale promoted free parking to potential patients who are seeking a dentist in downtown Atlanta and immediately the new patient count increased!

New On-Site Video

The power of an on-site video is incredible. When people are searching for a dental office, they are generally looking for three things: location, price and the doctor's credibility. Most people think the first two choices are the most important, but in fact the doctor’s credibility is key.

Our videos are designed to instantly satisfy a potential new patient's question when selecting a new dental office. Click below to see the profile video for the Downtown Atlanta Dentistry practice.

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We Guarantee 50 Leads Each Month Or You Get A Month Free!

Fast-growing Dental Office. 

Conversion Whale Results
  • Increased lead volume 1100 percent in one year
  • Saved $11,000 in wasted advertising spend