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How a dental equipment repair company reduced its lead cost from $320 to $24.00

Digital marketing in the dental industry is complex: There are many companies competing for potential customers' attention with larger budgets compared to other industries. If you are currently marketing in the dental industry, you could be losing advertising dollars as a result of “inflated bidding.” This was the case of this dental equipment repair company.

Out-position the competition

The investors were watching. It was never a question of how good the service was. Head-to-head with the competition, our client’s equipment repair service was a no-brainer. But the competition, despite its deficient services, was insulated by an army of in-house internet marketers. If our client’s smaller, specialized team was going to break through this competitive industry, they were going to need help generating leads.

Within six months, our team was able to generate a whale-sized campaign using half the budget previously used. By refining ad spend and increasing clicks on high-converting keywords, we were able to generate 12x the number of leads.

Get New Patients

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Dental Equipment Repair Company. 

Conversion Whale Results
  • Increased lead volume 1300 percent in six months.
  • Over $20,000 saved in wasted spending.