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"NEW Patient Numbers Are Up Dramatically From Conversion Whale."


Fine Dental Care can be found in Wayne, New Jersey. A family-owned-and-operated business for over 30 years. When it comes to providing quality dental care, they’ve got you covered. However, when it came to marketing they had tried just about everything over the years to give their clientele list a boost.

Dr. Fine turned to Conversion Whale to increase his new patient count, while reducing his cost-per-patient acquisition.


Our staff quickly got to work analyzing the competition and looking to identify keys that would make this practice win impression share.

Conversion Whale customized a marketing campaign highlighting the age of the practice. By emphasizing three decades of quality dental care in our ad copy, we are able to hold three-plus click through rate.

"Our new patient numbers are going up dramatically at a much-reduced price for marketing."
This has resulted in decreased Cost Per Click, which has dramatically reduced Fine Dental Care’s cost per patient acquisition. In Dr. Fine’s words: “Since starting with Conversion Whale, we have seen our cost per patient acquisition go down tremendously. And our new patient numbers are going up dramatically at a much-reduced price for marketing. So it has saved us money on the expense side and is making us money on the revenue side.”

Dr. Fine is now able to scale his spend with Conversion whale and cut his spend with other advertisers, saving his practice money and improving net profit.

"Today we had 5 new patients. Things are just great with Conversion Whale."

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Family-owned dental office 

Conversion Whale Results
  • Established a 3+ percent click through rate.
  • Scale marketing spend.
  • Increase impression share in competitive market.